Village of Hinsdale - Police Department
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  Village of Hinsdale Police Department Citizen Survey
  * Please enter the name of the Officer/Sergeant you had contact with (please see letter from Chief Bradley Bloom).
  Please select the circumstances under which you came in contact with the Hinsdale Police.
  Please rate the performance of the Officer/Sergeant with whom you came in contact using the following scale.
5=Excellent 4=Very Good 3=Good 2=Fair 1=Poor 0=Not Observed or Don't Know
Ability to put you at ease
Professional conduct
Explanation of his/her actions
Solving the problem
Sensitivity to minority groups
Overall performance
  Please answer the following questions concerning your interaction with the Officer/Sergeant.
Yes No Don't Know N/A
Were you treated respectfully when the Officer approached you?
Did the Officer introduce themselves to you?
Did the Officer listen to your side of the story or your point of view?
Was the Officer considerate of your feelings during the contact?
Did the Officer explain the citation/violation to you?
Did the Officer explain to you how to comply with the law?
Did the Officer say they would contact you again or do something to follow up with the case?
Was there some type of follow-up as promised?
Did the Officer inform you of other resources that are available to hlep resolve your problem?
If your police contact was the result of you calling the police, was this situation resolved to your satisfaction?
Would you call the police again to handle a similar situation?
Overall, do you feel that the officer handled your situation in a professional manner?
  Please check the statement below which best reflects your attitude toward the "quality of service" you received during your contact with the Officer/Sergeant.
  If the quality of service was lower than you expected, please tell us how the service could have been improved.
  One of the Hinsdale Police Department's core values is to remain sensitive to human needs and to treat each person, regardless of race, religion, gender or residency, with respect, compassion and dignity. Please indicate your rating and comment on your experience with the Police Department with regard to this value.
  In your opinion, what is the most important law enforcement problem in your neighborhood?
  In your opinion, what is the most important law enforcement issue or problem in the Village of Hinsdale?
  Please use the space below to make a suggestion or comment about the performance, programs or priorities of the Hinsdale Police Department?
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