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Tutorial - Creating and Deploying Surveys

Help Topics:
Creating Surveys / Skip Logic / Survey Options
Manage Exisiting Surveys
Collecting Responses
Manage Survey Invitation Messages and Email Lists
Reports and Exporting Data

Privacy Policy
Contact Us
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Creating Surveys / Skip Logic / Survey Options:
Survey Creation - Frequently Asked Questions
Copying an existing survey
Copying pages or questions within a survey?
Creating a new survey
Default answers - can I set a default answer?
Editing questions that already have responses
Foreign language surveys - are they supported?
Moving pages or questions within a survey?
Question types - what types of questions are supported?
Required answers - how do I make answering of specific questions required?
Skip logic - how do I use it?
Spell checking a survey

Survey Appearance - Frequently Asked Questions
Completion / end of survey - how to set what happens at the end of the survey
Fonts and colors - how are they set?
Logos - adding a logo
Navigation controls - controlling the appearance and text of survey nav controls
Numbering - controlling page and question numbering
Required answer warnings - setting the text for required answer warnings
Titles - displaying / hiding survey and page titles
ZapSurvey Logo - how do I turn t off?

Survey Response Options - Frequently Asked Questions
Maximum responses - can I set a maximum number of total responses?
Survey Responses allowed per user - allowing either single or multiple responses
Survey end date / time - how to set one

Password protecting a survey
Warning message when survey is closed - how to edit the survey closed message

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Manage Existing Surveys:
Closed Surveys - why does my survey always appear closed to respondents?
Opening / closing surveys - how and why?
Clearing survey responses
Deleting surveys
Setting survey options
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Collecting Responses:
Link to your survey from a web page
Sending survey URL / Link from your own e-mail program
Using ZapSurvey's Invitatoin Message and Email Lists to invite respondents
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Manage Survey Invitation Messages and E-Mail Lists:
Overview of Invitation Message Process
The relationship between original invitation messages and resent messages
Cancelling delivery of messages set for a future delivery date/time
Difference between "From Address" and "Reply To" address fields
Importing email contacts
Message Summary table - why doesn't it show Resent Messages?
Resending messages only to recipients who have not completed the survey
Sending messages only to newly added contacts of an email list
SPAM policy
#Variables# - how to use them in your email text
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Reports and Exporting Data
Exporting results to Microsoft Excel
Printing your survey results
Removing blank responses
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